ABout Rishika 

Rishika is a motivated, dedicated and a professional makeup artist. She began her beauty career in 2016 with her passion and aptitude towards beauty that she has had her entire life. Rishika has always chased her dreams, one of them is becoming a pro makeup artist. She trained at the Prestigious Delamar Academy, an award-winning training academy for learning makeup and hair for Film, TV, Fashion and Theatre.  The tutors that she had the chance learnt from are among the best of the best working makeup artists within their chosen specialised fields within in the industry and some of those artists are OSCAR, BAFTA and even a EMMY award winners. After finishing her training in Makeup at the Prestigious Delamar Academy, Rishika went on to Bridal training in Toronto.


Once her professional training was completed, Rishika launched her career as a Freelance make up artist while working with Photographers, working on Fashion Shows, Films and doing work for photoshoots, as well as working with the Bollywood Industry Celebrities and not forgetting all the countless weddings. With her dream and Passion of becoming a pro makeup artist she is entirely addicted and dedicated to her job as a makeup artist, as you will find Rishika making the world a more beautiful place that it can be. Continuously pushing herself to improve as a makeup artist she is always researching makeup to keep up with the modern world, experimenting with makeup and sometimes evening daydreaming about makeup. This only shows how passionate she is about her dream.

You are always bound to receive the wow factor from Rishika’s makeup skills, whether it’s with her ability to transform you on your special and memorable wedding day or to literally transforming you from a human to a zombie with her life like special effects make up.